Dogcember at Plaisir

It's Dogcember!! All month long, Plaisir and Where My Dogs At app are collaborating, offering a special Dogbox for you and your furry friend. Just download the free app, "Mark your Territory" at Plaisir and receive 20% off the Dogbox and a free coffee!! It's that simple. Also, join us this Saturday for their official launch at Plaisir; bring your dog, grab a friend and let the fun begin.

What is this new application all about, you ask??

The free Where My Dogs At app lets you find the best restaurants, parks, pet stores, vets, hotels and apartment buildings for you and your best friend. Forget checking-in - “mark your territory” to share your adventures and get local deals. 

As you explore, you’ll make plenty of connections, human and canine alike. Follow people and dogs, send messages and sniff around.

Download today and see what everyone’s barking about! 

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