This Season's Seasonal Sensation at Plaisir

Les Macarons Duverger: ChocoMint

A celebration is in order!! ChocoMint macarons have arrived and they are even more delicious then I thought. Just imagine taking a bite out of a Chocolate Mint Wonderland or diving into a bowl of Chocolate Mint _______ (fill in the blank). Come by the Plaisir to try these magical little treats, ask for a sample or pre-order a box. Les Macarons Duverger is the perfect treat this holiday season!! ...and if your feeling extra generous this year, ask about our towers and trees, they make great gifts for great people!

Holiday flavor from Les Macarons Duverger

This holiday season Les Macarons Duverger introduces ChocoMint!!
Pre-order now at, hurry!!

Dogcember at Plaisir

It's Dogcember!! All month long, Plaisir and Where My Dogs At app are collaborating, offering a special Dogbox for you and your furry friend. Just download the free app, "Mark your Territory" at Plaisir and receive 20% off the Dogbox and a free coffee!! It's that simple. Also, join us this Saturday for their official launch at Plaisir; bring your dog, grab a friend and let the fun begin.

What is this new application all about, you ask??

The free Where My Dogs At app lets you find the best restaurants, parks, pet stores, vets, hotels and apartment buildings for you and your best friend. Forget checking-in - “mark your territory” to share your adventures and get local deals. 

As you explore, you’ll make plenty of connections, human and canine alike. Follow people and dogs, send messages and sniff around.

Download today and see what everyone’s barking about! 

What's for lunch??

Its official, Plaisir is now catering & delivering The Lunch Box; a sandwich, chips and a treat (pick-up or delivery) for $9.95. Choose from any one of our sandwiches, wraps or panini, kettle corn chips and a delicious macaron of choice. They are all individually packaged and delivered to your door. See you soon...and by see I mean hear from you via phone, email, blog, tweet, etc. How about this, if you mention this blog post, 20% off your first group order.


Just call (310) 855.7177 or email us at

Happy (almost) Turkey Day All!!

Duverger Macarons are a Thanksgiving favorite!
Don't forget to order macarons for Thanksgiving, you will not regret it. They're undoubtedly the perfect after dinner treat. Sometimes, even though we have completely over-indulged in Turkey, Stuffing, this and that, you need a treat to top it off. Our bite-size macarons are the ultimate answer here. Email us at catering@plaisirla to pre-order for Weds. pick-up!